We took in a feral kitten (6 weeks old) and it has yet to use the bathroom. When placed in the litterbox, it curls up an

Asked by Member 1063780 on Oct 15th 2011 in Litter Box Training
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I'm sure others will chime in, since I'm just going by what I've read, but...

Kittens need to be taught to use the litter box. Mom teaches by example, and by licking their bottoms. You can be Mom cat by putting them in the litter box and wiping their bottoms with a soft cloth or cotton ball moistened with warm water.

There are products like Kitten Attract litter or Litter Attractant that are supposed to encourage digging in the litter box, and the rest comes naturally.

You can bury one of their deposits in the litter box to give them a scent cue.

Make sure the litterbox is easily accessible and not strongly perfumed. Most cats prefer open litterboxes so they don't feel trapped.

If you have other cats in the house, maybe it's THEIR litterbox and the little one doesn't really have any safe place to go.

Any place the kitten (or other cats) have gone will smell like a toilet to the cat until the scent is completely removed. Ammonia cleaners just make it worse.

Good luck!

Gypsy answered on 10/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Nicky 4/12/08-10/30/11

One time my daddy had to mix actual soil with some of the kitty litter in a box (unscented btw) for a baby feral. For some reason the soil seemed more natural than trying to go potty on a bunch of little rocky bits. Eventually we graduated to regular litter.

Nicky 4/12/08-10/30/11 answered on 10/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer