We have two well-adjusted cats and just purchased a new home which we will not move into for another two months.

Is it better to bring the cats to the new home a few times in advance of the move to let them check it out or is it better to wait and just bring them when we move and get it over with all at once?

Asked by Member 1177369 on Jun 27th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

You can bring them a couple of times before you move. Remember to flea-treat the premises before you move in. While moving out, keep them in one room that will not be opened OR bring them to the groomer. When the move is over, bring them to their new digs. SHOW THEM where their food, water and sandbox is. Then let them explore naturally. Make sure you have out the toys, scratchers and perches that smell like them. If there is spraying, it will be because of annoyance or because there was another animal that used to live there before that they can detect the odor of. Be extra nice and give extra treats and attention during the adjustment process. Safe move! ^_^

Orion Hemingway answered on 11/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer