We have six cats including three 13 week old kittens.They play rough. What help can you suggest? Will spay/neuter help?

They sleep for awhile which is fine. However, when they get into playing they get very rough, all three of them. Our oldest cat is 13 yrs old and is terrified of them when they get this way. When they are resting she is fine though. It has robbed us of some of our sleep as well. We have tried playing with them before bed but it only goes so far. We want them to settle down. We live in a small place. I would like any help you could give me. Please.

Asked by Member 971242 on Dec 7th 2013 Tagged play in Exercise & Play
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Pookie Face (in memory)

I have a KITTEN WITH AN ALMOST 15 YEAR 0LD, 7 AND 8 YEAR OLD. SHE DRIVES THEM CRAZY WANTING TO PLAY ALL OF THE TIME. This is how kittens are, she's probably the friskiest I've ever seen when she gets going. They will play with her, but kitten claws are very sharp. Mine have found solace in jumping and hanging out in higher places that little legs cannot get to... like the top of the fridge or the stair banister ledge. Make a space where your older ones can see her coming, or at least find refuge. Find homes for the kittens you are not keeping and SPAY and/or neuter them all, because that will definitely calm them. Also buy lots of toys; my kitten prefers small dog toys. ^_^

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