We have an 8 month old kitty. She has ruined two leather couches and (this morning) a leather chair. She is not scratc

Asked by Member 1104482 on Apr 6th 2012 Tagged furniture, scratching in Scratching
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First of all, do you trim her nails? I have a mostly inside boy who tried to do that to my couch. #1 I trim his nails every 2 weeks with a small finger-nail clipper. I #2 got him a 4x4 piece of wood that I keep in his "area" near his litter box so he can scratch that because he does go out sometimes and I don't want to declaw him. #3 I put aluminum foil over the length of my couch and on the arms and that stopped him from clawing it, it only took a few days. When he tried, I took him to his "piece of wood". After a few days, no more problems.

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