We had 1 cat (male, neutered, age 2) Then we got a female kitten, they were best friends. Now 7 months later, he is mean

Kitten recently had a cold, was on med. and seemed sick.He is fixed,sheis not fixed

Asked by Member 1166671 on Apr 23rd 2013 in Aggression
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Angel Buddha

You really don't say what behavior you're seeing when you say he's being mean. All cats, even those that are the best of friends, sometimes get on each others nerves, choose a bad time to pester someone else to play, etc and have minor squabbles. Such disagreements usually sound awful but at the end, even when fur flies, injuries are rare and if there's an injury, someone usually ends up with only a scratch on the nose. Observe what's happening at the times your two cats get into a quarrel and see if you can observe anything that consistently occurs right before the quarrel. Distract the two cats with toys, catnip etc, when it appears they are beginning to argue. If your kitten isn't yet over her cold, she may still not want to be bothered and she may be the one starting the argument and he may be the one reacting to her wanting to be left alone!

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