We got our cat from a shelter two years ago he is spoilt rotten from food to love to the best pedestal we could buy him,

Seen a vet he is ok, does have a behaviour thing where he over licks

Asked by Member 1141848 on Nov 23rd 2012 Tagged oldcat, aggression, love, cuddles in Aggression
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Over Grooming is usually a sign of stress or illness, if he checks out ok at the Vets, try to have a look around for things he may be stressed by such as change in circumstance, new additions, moving etc, you can sometimes combat stress by using things like a ''Feliway'' diffuser in your home which imitates a pheromone that can calm some kitties.Is Kitty on a flea preventative? To rule out any flea allergies and irritation even if kitty is indoors, Also try making up some extra kitty beds and hiding spaces for him to hide in,some cats need more space on thier own than others.
If things get worse , if he starts pulling large chunks out of his fur make sure to get him back to the vets asap. Hope hes ok! All the best!

Batfink answered on 11/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer