We go on extended vacations. Our kids are well cared for by a neighbor, but we worry they will pine for us.

The neighbor comes in 2 out of 3 days to feed and water, pets them when she can. We have 4, two young males that keep each other company and two quite elderly females that are loners.....except for human company. It's the old girls I'm most worried about. Emma is very needy these days, but we are going to Europe for almost all of July.

Asked by Emma on Apr 23rd 2013 Tagged vacations, leavingcatsalone, lonely in Health & Wellness
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There's no substitute for your presence, of course, but have you thought about making a video of yourselves that your neighbor could play for the kitties now an then? That way they could see you and hear your voices.

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Whenever my family goes on vacation, we try to leave something behind with our scent on it- whether it be a t-shirt, blanket, et cetera. Romeo had a good idea- it would be clever to make a video of you talking to your cats for the neighbor to play. I know it sounds crazy, but whenever we are out of town my mom likes to have my grandparents (who take care of our pets for us) put the phone on speaker so she can talk to them and they can hear her voice. It's weird, but whatever works, right? ;)

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