Warm Apartment in summer, cold in winter. First time owner, is british shorthair right for me?

I live in an apartment in the south of the US, I like to keep it at about 78F in the summer. I am thinking about getting a cat, but this will be my first cat. I read that the British shorthair is good for singles who need company when at home, but what concerns me is the cat's thick fur, and I am worried that it might overheat. Also in the winter I like to keep it at 58-65, depending on the conditions. So is the british shorthair right for me? Or should I consider another cat. Also, I am somewhat allergic to cats, asthma and all, if the British Shorthair turns out not to be the cat that is good for me, what cat would be?

Asked by Member 1166643 on Apr 23rd 2013 in Choosing the Right Pet
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You may want to check into getting allergy shots that will stop your cat allergies so you don't react to cats before getting a cat. There is no such thing as a totally hypoallergenic cat since it's an enzyme in the cat's saliva that some people are allergic to, not the cat's fur itself. Most cats would do fine handling the temperature ranges you intend to set for your apartment, including British Shorthairs.

Mika answered on 5/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer