The vet came today. He was supposed to give my cats, Damien and Kharjo, their RCP shots. Damien is around 6 years old and Kharjo is 1 year old. They have never been vaccinated before but the weather is constantly changing so I feared they might get ill. I don't know why I opened the vet's crate in which he stored the vaccines. I saw several containers with names and usage. They were all Virbac. The vaccine the vet shot my cats with was hot pink and I THINK I saw he injected LEUCOGEN which is Virbac's vaccine for feline leukemia. I asked my vet which one he had injected and he showed me FELIGEN. What? I'm really scared as I have read a lot about feline sarcoma associated particularly with leukemia vaccine. They were shot in the legs but I don't want my cats losing their leg either. Also, I need to know if I can still trust the vet. Have your cats ever been injected with either LEUCOGEN or FELIGEN? What color was it? Any side effects? What do I do? Please help I love my cats.

Asked by Member 1193974 on Oct 11th 2013 in Vaccinations
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