Unknown swollen lump under the nipple. Quite large. What's wrong with my 10month old female nursing cat?

My cat, Red, 10month old, had flu when she was due to give birth. After she gave birth, she became very thin despite eating a lot. Her kittens are 2months plus now and eaten solid food already. Because Red haven't recovered fully from flu, now her kittens are infected with flu. Already brought them to the vet. As for Red, 2 of her tits were red swollen and one fall off literally. Just now while i was carrying her around, I thought I feel that her tits were swollen with milk. I wasn't quite sure 'cause it feels weird and hard. Check it and saw a big lump under her tits. I don't know what to do. Need help ASAP!

Asked by Member 1075731 on Dec 6th 2011 Tagged tits, swollen, lump, flu, kittens, red, help, asap in Skin Problems
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You need to get your cat to a vet ASAP! Don't wait! It sounds as though she could have mastitis which is an infection that needs to be treated with broad spectrum antibiotics. Then again, it needs to be evaluated by a vet to make a diagnosis. I'm only a nurse, but it sounds similar to what women get when they are nursing. It can happen to cats even after they have weaned their kittens. The kittens need to be seen by a vet, especially if they are displaying signs of illness. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT for the sake of your cat and her kittens. GET HELP NOW!

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