Today I noticed little white worms that resembled rice in my cats stool, and also noticed them coming out of her butt.

Today I noticed little white worms that resembled rice in my cats stool, and also noticed them coming out of her butt. I am going to call the vet first thing tomorrow but my concern right now is, if these things are coming out of her butt and fall onto the floor/couch/bed, etc, can they spread or infest my apartment?? I am very nervous about this because I don't want to catch this or have these worms all over my place! Help!

Asked by Member 1102205 on Mar 25th 2012 in Health & Wellness
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Congratulations- you've got tapeworms! Those white rice looking worms are little pieces that break off the much longer worms and are packed with eggs designed to infect mice or fleas so they can be passed back into another pet. Hopefully you don't also have mice or fleas in your house, but there is a good chance she got them from one or the other. As long as the segments or any infected fleas don't get in your food you won't get them and if you treat all the pets in your house for worms and fleas if they've got them those segments will all die out and there will be no worms wriggling around your home. You have the right instinct to get her treated by a vet ASAP- tapeworms are not good for a kitty's health, especially compounded with fleas. But try not to panic about the segments, they are more gross than dangerous. Even more gross is if kitty is being treated and a whole dying worm detaches and passes out the body- I provided some horror show moments for my people when I had worms!

Heidi answered on 3/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Yeah. Ur. Those are tape worm segments. Commonly spread by fleas. Fleas carry a parasite. If your infested with fleas tape worm is a given. I don't know how to tell you the details without grossing you out. Search the net. Yyk

Member 1090019 answered on 3/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yes, these are tapeworms. Cats get tapeworms from eating fleas. The worst that'll probably happen to you is that you might get bit by some fleas, but that's not a big deal. Your cat needs a shot to get rid of the tapeworms & she needs to be treated for fleas. If you have any other cats, they'll probably have fleas & tapeworms & will need to be treated as well. You may need to flea treat the apartment, but I wouldn't do that unless you keep noticing fleas & worms. You can sometimes see fleas crawling on your cat & you can sometimes see black spots on your cat known as flea dirt. Worms are pretty easy to spot as you have already noticed. Good luck!

Twinkle answered on 3/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer