Izadore (Izzie)

To Guest who is considering getting a cat for her kids when mom is allergic...

I am sorry my answer or "opinion" was not helpful to you. Unfortunately, after a LONG time working with animal rescue organizations, I've seen hundreds of cats returned because 1) someone was allergic 2)it did not get along with other pets in the family and 3)the kids "said" they'd take care of it but lost interest. Not EVERY adoption ended this way, but lots did. There are many homes (mine included) who shelter cats and dogs and things go fine. Since there is an overwhelming overpopulation of cats today, I certainly would not discourage anyone's interest in giving one a good home but have learned from the rescue years that an "informed" adopter is a successful one. I suggest you go to a reputable shelter and speak with their staff about your homelife, your lifestyle and your mother's allergies and see what they say.

Asked by Izadore (Izzie) on Aug 2nd 2012 Tagged allergies, otherpets, gettingapetforthekids in Adoption & Rescue
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