Stressed Kitty, please help...

My cat is 22 years old and has always been a bit scaredy but recently I have had to spend a lot of time away and she has started tearing chunks of fur out, leaving sore bleeding patches. The vets recommended that i have her put down due to her age and the fact that I can't spend a lot of time with her (my Dad is terminally ill, I really don't have any choice). I am not ready to give up on her as she still has bright eyes and a purr when I'm with her, so I settled for a cone but think this is stressing her out even more. Does anyone have any ideas of how to calm her down or do I have to give up on her? It's a heart-breaking situation, she has been my constant companion for most of my life. Many thanks, Frilly's owner.

Asked by Member 1121442 on Jul 19th 2012 Tagged stress, lonely, furpulling, cones in Other Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this trauma. If your cat is healthy and managing to get around, I don't see any reason to euthanize her and I am very surprised that your vet recommended euthanasia unless she has other health issues. If you have had her thoroughly examined and she has no underlying health issues and is not in pain, you have a few choices. Elderly cats as well as elderly people can suffer from a dementia or Alzheimer's like conditions. There is medication available. There are also products like the "Thundershirt" that is a compression vest device, the "Calming Collar", and a natural sedative in drop-form called "Rescue Remedy", Feliway plug ins, and mild sedatives. Also, could you bring your cat with you to visit your father? A relative of mine was in a nursing home that did allow pet vists. Check with them. Or if your Dad is at home, can you bring her there? Take euthanasia off the table and ask your vet (or a different one) to work with you.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 7/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer