Stray cat bit my Indoor car

I have 2 rescued kitten, female around 4 1/2 months and male around 4 months.I got home this stray kitten, seems to be around 5 months old.He is really friendly.Always meowing when he sees me.All the time rubbing against me.He wasn't keeping well so I took to the vet and got him treated.I thought he;ll become friends with my indoor cats after a week or two.I kept him in a separate room for a week but today when i thought i should get him in the open and mingle with the female at least as male to male takes time.The female was acting quit gentle but this stray cat suddenly grabbed her and got into a fight.He bit her quite aggressively.Good that I was home.I cant understand why he did that.I bet all three now in a week's time are quite familiar with each other's smell.I wanted him to be a part of this small family but after today I dont think i can get him home again

Asked by Member 1182232 on Jul 25th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Realize that even if docile, feral cats are feral. If I were him I would be annoyed that I was locked in a room for a week too, and lash out at the first cat that I saw. This cat might have to be an only cat, because it sounds like he wants to dominate the whole territory. Try again with the males and see if the same thing happens. Have a glass of water ready to pour on him if they start fighting. You might, if he cannot be tamed, be his foster home until you can find him another good place to live. ^_^ Spend enough time with all of them so that no kitty in your care feels neglected.

Panda Bear answered on 9/15/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer