Strange growth/discoloration on the cornea of his eye?

I was looking at my cat's eye earlier and noticed that he had a discoloration in the cornea of his eye. It's a blood red color about the size of a bb. I looked closely and couldn't see any outer damage to the eye...would you happen to know what could cause this?

I just noticed it about 10 mins ago. I do plan to take him to the vet to have it checked.

Asked by Thor on Oct 26th 2013 Tagged eye, discoloration, cornea, bb, bloodred, damage, cat in Other Health & Wellness
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Sorry your kitty's having eye trouble. You're wise to head to the vet. Eye problems can be simple or very, very difficult and expensive. My first guess is maybe an ulcer. If you are still waiting for your appt, try to keep kitty from rubbing that eye. Watch for signs of pain. If the swelling is big enough that your cat can't blink easily, you'll need to keep the eye moistened with a drop or two of liquid tears. Our vet recommends Genteal, but don't think the brand matters.

Good luck! Keep us updated. We're all hoping for a good outcome.

Member 1188312 answered on 10/28/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer