Small dark worm in bedding and stool. It is not tapeworm. What is it?

My cat has some sort of dark worm. She has come down with fleas as well. I am treating for those. I cannot seem to identify the worms. I had a battle with tape worms a few years ago and these are not them. They are about the same size as tape worms but dark in color. They also have tapered ends and wiggle instead of moving within itself. They are in the cat's bedding and stool. I had thought that they might be flea larvae, but I couldn't find anything that stated that flea larvae would appear in mass on a cat's stool. Please help. Thanks!

Asked by Member 725136 on Sep 3rd 2008 Tagged worms, stool, feces, cat in Health & Wellness
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Howie (1999-2014)

Sounds like roundworms, which can either be white or tan in color and be 1"-4" in length.

You need to get your cat to the vet because severe cases can cause problems like dehydration (due to vomiting and diarrhea), and heavy infections can affect the lungs leading to pneumonia. Not to mention round worms are transmittable to humans (yes, that's icky).

Flea larvae is very tiny (think about how small a flea is), so you wouldn't see it in the stool very easily.

Meows to you!

Howie (1999-2014) answered on 9/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer