Skinny 12 year old boy, just weighed at vet at 8.7 lbs, down from 8.9 last year. How can we put some meat on his bones?

Tiny eater, food always available. Eat's only cat food. Won't touch people food. He'll go to bowl and eat a tiny bit, then come back an hour later for another tiny bit. He's so skinny around his hips.

Asked by Member 1142932 on Nov 29th 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Izadore (Izzie)

Did your vet tell you that there is cause for concern about his weight? If a cat is truly ill, he will continue to lose weight with possible fur loss, lethargy and loss of appetite as well. He will lose interest in being out and about and may begin to hide. He may growl or hiss at his people when he never did before, and he might stop using the litter box. 2/10ths of a pound isn't a drastic weight loss. It's possible that if you had him weighed again, he'd be back up to 8.9. My cats eat exactly the same way. They are grazers who get a third-can of wet food as a treat twice a day. Delilah is very skinny as well, but tests proved there were no concerns. Having said that, your boy is about 84 in human years, and we all know that as we age, we have to stay in closer contact with our medical professionals than we did when we were younger. Any changes in appetite or behavior should be shared with the vet as soon as possible. I'd say if your boy is acting normally, it's no cause for worry.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Nov 29th.

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That is a decent weight actually, unless your vet is concerned. I would try giving him catnip. It increases appetite. If his tongue is quite wet, he has alot of saliva, mostly after eating it could be that he is neauseated and therefore wont eat much at a time to prevent vomiting. I know also hairballs play a role in fullness as well. I have one cat with hairball issues and so he doesn't eat much at a time unless he is hairball free. Hope this helps!

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