Should we adopt a second cat?

My husband and I adopted a two year old male cat about a year ago. We are both full time students who work and are away from home most of the day. We are debating about getting a playmate for our current cat. He is a fairly timid cat who really only knows us. When our family visits, he will hide while they are in our home but will come out after they leave. After a couple of days though he will eventually come out and hesitantly sniff at our family. Other than being timid around others, he is very playful and loves to be around us. When we come home, he usually howls as we come up to the door. We also have a small rabbit that our cat tolerates, though the rabbit is in his cage most of the time. Would it be a good idea for us to bring a new cat into our home or would our current cat be better off living in a one cat household?

Asked by Member 1117507 on Jun 25th 2012 Tagged adoption, behavior, kittens in Adoption & Rescue
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Getting a a second cat could be a good or bad thing in this situation. because your cat is very shy around others he might also be afraid of a new cat. On the other hand it might be really good for him because he's probably pretty lonley when you to are away, and he would want a friend. I would say the best thing for you to do is get anouther cat and see if your cat likes it or not. He might hiss a lot at first but that is natural, but if he is running away from the new cat all he time you should probably take the new cat back.

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