Should I walk my cats?

I adopted two little kitties from a family friend and they are both spayed and up to date on their shots. I want to keep their lives as interesting and fun as I can. I also want to keep them healthy and not fat. They are not very interested in normal cat play toys and excersize like strings and chasing mouse toys that I toss, So I thought of walking. I am hesitant to walk them because of their past as being strays and their amount of interest in the outdoors. I do not want them to run away and get lost. Is walking a good idea? Should I try it or will they develop too much of a positive association with outside and run away?

Asked by Member 1186887 on Aug 23rd 2013 Tagged play, obese, fun, boredom, walking, outdoors, strays in Exercise
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Orion Hemingway

Cats are not dogs; you can leash train them starting at age 6 months, but they will not walk around the block like dogs. Instead of walking, focus on CLIMBING and get them cat trees and as many vertical climbing areas and window perches as you can. Also get them plenty of cat toys, scratchers and you can reward them with trests like new Greenies flavor fusion twist treats for cats. ^_^

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