Should I just take off my cat's collar?

I bought my 3 year old, indoor-only rescue cat a breakaway collar with a bell yesterday. When I first put it on, I left it quite loose, and he seemed okay other than expressing some annoyance (scratching at it and trying to shake it off). I tightened it a bit (the two-fingers width of space rule) and he started hiding - in the closet, under the bed, etc. He also did this when I first brought him home from the shelter. I'm worried that his collar is causing him undue stress, as he won't come out, not even to eat. Should I take it off? I should note that he managed to get it off last night but I put it on this morning (sans bell) and he is hiding again.

Asked by Thomas on Oct 25th 2013 Tagged collars, newcollar, hiding, stress in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

Orion hates the metal sound of his tags. I do not have bells on anyone's collar because my home would be a cacophony of metal noises. Orion is my only cat who does not wear his county metal rabies tag; he HATES the sound and becomes completely frightened. However, he will not rip off his collar with his plastic name tag that I had made with his ID information. He's also an inside cat so I don't worry too much about him not wearing the one he can't stand. If your cat goes outside, a getting him a microchip can ease your fears.

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