Should I get a second cat?

I'd been wanting to get a cat for some time when I agreed to foster Sake for a friend. She was rescued from an abusive situation and was very afraid of hands. Our arrangement was only supposed to be temporary, but now it appears my friend will not be able to take her back, so I'll be her owner. She's still very temperamental and while she's not quite the lap cat I had in mind for my first cat, she is a very sweet girl and we have bonded.

She has made much progress, but still does not like seeing hands come near her and will snap at them. I'd still like to get a cat I can walk right up to and start petting. Since she is still young and full of energy (1.5 years) and her previous owners trained her to play aggressively, she will often initiate play by attacking our ankles; I think another cat might be able to help wear down some of that energy. Sake is not at all fearful of new people visiting our house, so I think she could adjust. Given her history, is another cat a good idea?

Asked by Member 1138783 on Dec 25th 2012 Tagged secondcat, foster in Adoption & Rescue
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