Should I adopt a second cat?

My cat is two years old and a complete attention fiend. She follows me around the house at all times, and sleeps practically on my face at night. I work all day, and when I get home you'd think the world ended while I was gone from the way she greets me (not that I mind, it's great to be so enthusiastically greeted!) But I feel like she must be super lonely during the day. I've never introduced a second cat to a home, and I'm a little worried she'll be jealous if I bring another cat home. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this kind of situation? Thank you!

Asked by Member 1177345 on Jun 27th 2013 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Orion Hemingway

ABSOLUTELY! Get a little boy... she will end up being his mom. Note that she will hate him at first. This is instinctual. Supervise visits between the two until you know there will be no fighting, and then you can leave him out (even though he'll get into everything). Kittens need baby food like Natural Choice kitten for their first year, so feed them separately or she will gain weight from eating the kitten food. More toys and carpeted scratchers are a must. I got a new kitten last week and everyone (two boys, one girl) completely accepts her now. They will hiss when she gets too rambunctious, and I've been giving them attention so they don't feel left out, but it's so great for them to have companionship! Go in with the attitude that all will be well, and it should be! ^_^

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