Bezalel Tiger

Scaredy cat with new small dog

I took Bezal in when she was found abandoned at three weeks. She's a little 'slower' than the others, but very sweet. I have always wanted a dog but was afraid of the expense. Well, I have a friend who rescues and got me a peke, which I have always wanted, that is older, potty trained and good with cats. The other three cats are adapting well, but when the dog is out, B is hiding. This cat will bolt for a knock on the door. She had clawed a hole into the bottom of the recliner, which is not easy to do b/c she's a Maine Coon mix (butterball) at 20 lbs. This dog is less than half her size, is quiet and grunts like a pug... and the cat is terrified. I bought calming spray and more treats to coax her, and I'm giving the cat plenty of space, but if anyone has other ideas that would be great. I don't believe in crates so the dog is in a bathroom at night to sleep so the cats have the place to themselves while they are adjusting, maybe for longer. I just hate to see my fluff ball so scared!!

Asked by Bezalel Tiger on Jan 7th 2014 Tagged scaredcat, newdog, adjustmentprocess, hidingcat in Bringing Your Pet Home
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I think you should not worry about this. Just keep patience and give some time to your cat for adjust with your new dog.

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