Rufus 7yr. had colitis which made #2 in the litter box uncomfortable w/ his long hair. Now he only poops outside the box

Help!!! My cat Rufus had a bad case of colitis earlier in 2012 from eating some of my house plants. Going for a poop was made uncomfortable with his long hair and the diarrhea. We had to bathe him so much because he was visibly uncomfortable. Ever since he will go pee in the box but poops outside the box. Any suggestions???

Asked by Member 1148044 on Jan 3rd 2013 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Cats are funny creatures with incredibly great memories. One of my four Kitties had a urinary issue..he had a complete blockage so using the litter box was a painful experience. Since he associated the litter box with an unpleasantness we had to make the litter box ok again..he would poop in the box , but not pee.. So first things first we made it easy for him. We removed our litter box an extra litter box.kept it super clean and used feliway.. We got the spray. Feliway can be pricey but very worth it! We sprayed it around the litter box. Also lots of playtime.. Anything to de-stress! I hope his issue gets taken care of quick! It can be very frustrating for all.. Good luck!

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