Rescued kitten

I found a kitten 3 weeks ago I believe he was 6 weeks when I found him and I need some help. His litter box and food are upstairs he can get to them anytime but the dogs can't. He cries until I walk him (either carry or walk with him) upstairs than watch him eat or potty. If I leave him upstairs he cries until he hears me and than cries all the way down the stairs. He will also go to a different room and cry for me to come find him. Is he still afraid from being abandoned? I've never given him my food but he will follow me to the kitchen and climb me to get my food. He will jump on my lap when I'm eating and bat at my dish. How can I curb this? He will chew and pull on my lip rings also any time and in the middle of the night. What are some good self play toys for night time? He's my first kitten as a kid we had cats but they were older and when my sister had kittens they were siblings so basically were with each other all the time. Any advice or help is helpful

Asked by Member 61530 on May 24th 2016 Tagged demanding, crying, siamese, food in Kittens
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Mr D - D'boat #19

Poor little baby sounds like he needs a friend. lol
two running around, double trouble

Mr D - D'boat #19 answered on 6/16/16. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


He sounds like he is still afraid of being abandoned. He's just a little lost baby who was separated from his mom & siblings too soon. He needs more attention. Try to find time to play with him more. Let him stay around you more.

As for good self play toys for night time, small furry mice are nice. He'd probably love some catnip toys. You could try anything that doesn't make noise to see what he likes.

Good luck.

Twinkle answered on 6/22/16. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer