Recently gotten Siamese cat that's always meowing loudly, help new owner to kittens.

This is my first Siamese kitten, he's been with me for a little more than a week now, he's about 5/6 weeks old. For the past 2 days he wakes up every 1/2 hours at night meowing loudly every where he goes except when he's getting feed and doing his business in the litter. I have read Siamese cat are very vocal but I'm just wondering if it's this normal to constant meow every second his up, he's not very playful yet but when I hold him close to me he meows softly and purrs, is that a good thing?

How can I teach him to stop waking up every hour, so I can sleep more hours during the night and he can too? It's tough with no sleep during the night since he's always waking up and he's very loud to ignore.

Asked by Member 1029927 on Apr 8th 2011 in Noisiness
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Your kitten is just a baby and this is normal. Maybe you should try keeping him in the bathroom at night (or another small room in the house) where he won't disturb anyone. Put his bed, litterbox, toys, water and food bowls, as well as a night light in there. Make him feel comfortable and secure so that he thinks it is "his room". Kittens will cry alot when they are hungry at this age. If you haven't taken him to the vet, please do so. He may have worms and this is another reason why he is always hungry and crying. As he grows older he will eventually stop crying so much. After all, he has been taken away from his littermates and is lonely. You said that he stops crying when being fed or when you are holding him. That's because he knows you are his mommy now and cries (just like a human baby) for his needs to be met. Be patient! He will eventually adjust and get on a schedule and sleep longer. Best of luck. Take care!

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I don't know much about Siamese, but I do know that 5-6 weeks is far to early to be separated from Momcat. He's lonely, looking for comfort, and you're his new Mommy. And he's only been in his new house for a week, so he's confused, scared, and curious all at once. Try playing with a wand toy or Da Bird--few cats can resist those. He will definitely get less active at night as he grows older (although my adult cats still manage to wreak havoc while I sleep, just quietly). The fact that he calms down and purrs when you hold him is a good sign--at least he's not antisocial. And his meowing is probably not just your standard Siamese vocalization, but also his way of getting the attention and reassurance he needs. How vocal he will remain, I can't say, but I'd predict that he'll quiet down somewhat once he gets older and gets more confident, but that he'll always be chatty. I love chatty cats, but have a bunch of nearly silent Maine Coons. Things will improve, I am sure.

Lowell answered on 4/9/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer