recently got a dog & our two 8 year old cats stopped leaving our bedroom and stopped using litter, now peeing under beds

We own a 2 bed raised rancher style home, and initially the dog was kept down in the basement family room until she matured. she is now being let out to the whole house when we are at work. We now need to move the litter box out of the guest bedroom because of personal reasons. the kitchen and bathroom are not big enough for a litter box so the only option is a bedroom which is becoming a problem.

So we moved the food to the basement as incentive for the cats to travel outside of the bedrooms & use the basement litter. There is a gate with a cat door protecting the cat food and litter box (dog will eat cat poop, gross i know). Do you think this will work?

Asked by Member 1151383 on Jan 22nd 2013 Tagged catsanddogs, cathelp, catlitter, litterbox, oldcats in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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My ex roommate had three cats when I adopted a dog.
Two of her three cats had never been exposed to dogs before and ended up living in the basement for nearly 4 months. The middle cat (about 4 at the time) actually stopped grooming herself. She'd just lay on the water heater and never come out of the basement except to eat (their food dish was about 10 feet from the basement door) and then run back in. Eventually my roommate moved the food to her room and brought the cat up there so she would only venture out to use the box. We lived together for nearly 18 months and the cat never really adjusted to the dog.
I strongly suggest crate training the dog to allow your cats access to the house when you're not at home.

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