really worried bye my baby girl my cat should I take her to the vet

my cat is 4 years old lately she's been having some scary symptoms like excess of grooming, sleeping a lot more than usual, she's been eating pretty regularly that I know of, I've also noticed that she's been using the bathroom a lot more than normal, along with diarrhea, she seems to be thirsty all the time she has also been a little jumpy and skittish lately too, meowing a lot even when she's sleeping , she's also been more affectionate like real needy for my attention I'm really worried about her and I know that that's going to that can be pretty costly but her symptoms are really starting to worry me do I need to take her

Asked by Member 1168224 on May 1st 2013 in Illness & Disease
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Little Skittles

You need to take your kitty to a vet as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment. Be sure you write down or tell your vet ALL of your cat's symptoms. Also take a sample of your cat's stool and have the vet check the stool sample for possible internal parasites. Most vets are willing to make payment plan arrangements if necessary.

Little Skittles answered on 5/5/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer