re-homed kitten from bad house keeping bad habits...peeing on the bed

Hey all!! So I rescued a kitten from a home that was not treating it correctly. I had heard they had been leaving this "4-6 month old" kitten out in the rain during recent thunderstorms we had because the other cat in the house had been beating her up. Then they took to leaving her in the garage (which is sweltering in this southern california triple digit heat). I went over for a visit, hoping to take the cat and find her a forever home. 4-6 months? try 4-6 weeks. this is a BABY. Apparently these people had the litterbox up in their room, but moved it to the garage where she had no access to it, so she started peeing on their bed. I took her home and introduced her to our litterboxes and cats, which worked out just fine, but she has peed on the bed three times. We have caught her in the act each time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break her of these bad habits she got from a bad home?

Asked by Member 1121354 on Jul 18th 2012 Tagged peeing, bed in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Bless your soul! Saving that poor kitty from those awful people. Shame on them.
I am no cat "expert", but you can try "confining" her to a room for a day or so that has the litter tray in it, with her food, fresh water and bedding etc of course. Usually after cats eat or just wake up they need to go, so keep an eye on her and when she does, immediately put her in the clean litter tray and give her paws a little scratch through the litter to get her used to it. If she keeps trying to get out just keep trying to put her back in for a few minutes to see if she does need to go. If not, then again, just keep an eye on her as often as possible. But praise her and give her treats when she gets it right... She will get there eventually ;) thankfully she is still young.

Pepper answered on 7/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I know this will sound exhausting, but it worked for me. My new kitten peed on our bed a few times so I had to throw out all the bedding and clean the mattress. We put a mattress protector on it after that just in case. But we locked her out of the bedroom during all of this and constantly took her to the litterbox.

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