Question from a fan and a cat lover. Our 7 year old female was just diagnosed with diabetes and requires twice a day sho

Asked by Member 1178139 on Jul 2nd 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Yes, unfortunately this is normal and treatment is necessary. Cats used to die in the wild and didn't live as long without health care. You will have to test ph and give shots, plus possibly feed a vet food. This is for life and there is no cure- ADD TWO WATER BOWLS, fresh water is crucial for her now. My cat Robert lived until age 19 with diabetes. My dad tested and gave him shots every day. It was in the 80's so if the insulin was too high Robert would throw up and my dad would change the dose. You will get over the squeamishness, and so will your cat. Panda is on pills once a day for thyroid, formerly twice, and needs vet food for stones after 2k of surgery. Your cat is not so bad off. When he was younger panda was horrible with pills, but now I must say he's pretty good. You both can do it and will have plenty of more years left to go! ^_^

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