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Hey Everyone! I have been fostering a kitten for about 5 days now, he has an upper respiratory infection, so I have to keep him quarantined from my other cats. I have a 1 bdr apartment, and I've set him up in the bathroom. This little guy, Django, is about 4 months old, and a live wire now that he's starting to feel better :) I love this, but I can't help but feel guilty that he's cooped up in the bathroom while he should be exploring and socializing, he still has another nine days to go on his quarantine :( He's also teething.
I've made him some really fun, disposable, interactive toys (I throw them away every 2-3 days to avoid cross contamination) but I want to keep him more entertained, and keep him from chewing on hard things that can hurt him or his teeth. Any teething toy suggestions?
I also just don't know how much time with him is enough- I can't be in the bathroom with him all the time. Since I'm on my vacation, I am able to spend 5-6 hours with him a day. Is this enough??

Asked by Member 1185503 on Aug 14th 2013 Tagged kitten, quarantine, toys, play, teething, energy, time in Other Health & Wellness
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I had a similar situation with a 10-week old foster kitten. He came home from the vet and they said he had to be quarantined 2 weeks.

One thing we did was to put our existing cats in one part of the house and let Otis have the run of the rest of the house for a couple hours each night. Our cats were fine with this but your cats may not be. I actually ran him around the house with his favorite cat toy until he was tired. Of course, make sure he doesn't have access to the other cats' feeding bowls or litter boxes.

Other than that, I think 5-6 hours a day is great and more than most people can do. Good luck!

Sweetpea answered on 8/27/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer