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My queen cat had give birth yesterday about 10am in the morning. She had normal delivery for 4 kittens. I just thought she was fine yesterday. But she was panting until today. I know it's kinda hot here in our place but is it normal if he temp was like 39 degrees? I just get that using termo on her armfit. Some yahoo answer said that she might have fever. But she's fine I guess because she's still eating wet food and drinking milk. Kinda rarely drink water but her appetite was still ok. I was worrying what to do now. I can't drop her on vet clinic coz its late. Please help. I don't want kittens get sick too.

Thank you!

Asked by Member 1185545 on Aug 14th 2013 in Pregnancy
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Don't give your cat regular cows milk. Most cats are lactose intolerant. Make sure just to offer her water, but she is probably getting most of her water from her food. I would send her to the vet the soonest you can. It is normal for a cat to pant after labour, but still send her to vet to make sure your cat and kittens are healthy. If this is your first time your cat gave birth, the vet would be able to help you take care of the kittens, socializing them, and giving them good homes.

Heidi answered on 9/8/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer