Please Help! My cat has diarrhea!

Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate any advice.

Midnight has been constantly using the litter tray since Tuesday. Poop is slightly softer but is not runny and his general behaviour is normal. He's just doing smaller amounts of poop but more often. A Google search told me this is still classed as diarrhea. I followed online suggestions and put him on a 24hr fast. Yesterday morning (within 24hr fast period) I called Vet who recommended I put him on a light diet for a few days until it cleared up.

After 24hr fast was over I tried him with home made salmon and rice and then chicken and rice, both he didn't try (no surprise with chicken, he hates it). I even tried baby food :(. No go. A few hrs later I gave in and gave him some of his dry, which he gulped down but sadly no change with the diarrhea.
He is still constantly using his litter box.
What should I do now?

He is a neutered, 1yr 5mnths old cat. On combo wet/dry food. I tried new wet (Zoolove Tuna)on Tues (possible cause).

Asked by Member 1234438 on Sep 10th 2015 Tagged heath, food, fast, diarrhea, unwell in Illness & Disease
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