please help moving

I am moving and I am very worried about the drive its about 1000 miles. Last time we moved 1200 plus miles I lost two of my cats in that move. One ran away back in Florida and it took me 3 month to get him back. Lucy got out when we arrived to the new house did not even see how she got out. It took me 3 weeks to find her. This move is different in many ways. I will not have someone to find any of my babies if they choose to run away and not come back for a while, like I did last time. I now know that a cat must stay indoor for 2 weeks before they see the light of This is so they can find there scent. I did learn something in the first move. Please help

Asked by Member 1122829 on Jul 27th 2012 in Travel & Recreation
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I would put them in a Very secure carrier and when you arrive in the new house put them in a room where no one will open the door, have the litter boxes and food/water in there before you let the kitties out of their carriers and leave the carriers in the room so they can hide if they want to...maybe put a note on it to make sure people know not to open the door.
I have one cat who is an escape artist and has gotten out of carriers so I put him in a carrier that is locked and inside a larger dog crate...this way if he gets out of the carrier he is still inside the dog crate.
Good Luck

Frisco answered on 7/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer