PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have an adult male cat that has begun peeing on the dog’s bed.

I have an adult male cat that has begun peeing on the dog’s bed. I know it’s not medical - he has been checked. I have the Catgenie litter box system so his litterbox is never dirty – so this cannot be the issue. I am pretty sure he is not stressed. And he loves the dog, so I am not sure what his problem is. I am not sure what to do – help me!

Asked by Member 1177463 on Jun 28th 2013 Tagged catpeeing in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Orion Hemingway

How long have you had the catgenie? If it is new, he may be trying to tell you that he prefers his old box. The same goes for litter... if this system requires a different litter, he will show displeasure by peeing elsewhere. He could be blaming the dog or perturbing the dog as a result of the changes. If there have been no changes, wash the dog bed with a pheromone eliminator, because cats will re-soil wherever they have eliminated unless the smell is totally eradicated. Give the dog Nutro fruit crunchy treats when the cat does this to show him that it is not his fault and that you do care, and ignore the cat while doing so. ^_^

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