Part Chartreux cat, I think. Had some matted hair. Shaved area. Noticed what appears to be bad dandruff. Shampoo?

My part Chartreux, I think, had some matted hair on his back. I tried brushing them out but no luck, so, I happened to have an electric pet hair clipper, like cosmotologists use, and shaved the mats out. He has an extremely thick undercoat and I noticed he has so much dandruff it looks like he's been rolling in sand. Not sure which product would be best to use and not sure just how to bathe him as Chartreux are sometimes called the "waterproof" cat. Help.

Asked by Member 1043592 on Aug 5th 2011 Tagged chartreuxcat, dandruff, bathing in Grooming
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Orion Hemingway

Contact the breed club through the CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) website and ask them how bathing is done for show cats, who are often bathed and primped. My folks have a fat Chartreaux; she is like a large cherry tomato on legs. You can add Greenies Healthy Skin & Fur SmartBite treats into his diet- they have omegas for healthy skin & coat and cats like their crunchy and soft texture. When my Maine mix gets mats, I usually cut them out with a scissor because that's easier than pulling the fur out. Have fun in the bath... hopefully you have shower doors? ^_^

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