Does anyone know how old a cat must be to be considered fully vaccinated against panleuk?

Asked by Mirah on Jun 30th 2016 Tagged panleuk, vaccines in Illness & Disease
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I have no idea. Sorry I wonder if they really know? I don't think vaccs are a guarantee even with the humans that get the flu vacc I think some can still get it. But it may not be as bad. Here in our country we vacc at the 8 week and the 12 week mark and then every year but some say it can be stretched out to every 2 years. But we don't have to vacc against things like Rabies where I live here's a chart that has some of the info.


Not sure if this will help but if you get a little kitty. It is good to see a vet and they will advise you depending on your area.

Some areas are safer than others. depending on local strays? If you are in a affluent built up area where most people vacc. If your kitty is indoor only.

When I worked in different clinics as a nurse( many many many years ago, so things have changed)But every clinic was different to what trended in the area.

I don't know if this helps.

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