Pumpkin Seed

Our new cat never learned to play, How and we teach her?

We got this 2-1/2 year old from the local SPCA shelter where she lived for most of her life. With over 100 cats, they didn't have time to play with the cats, so she never had toys and never learned to play. We've tried giving her toys, toys with catnip, toys on strings, mechanical toys, paper bags and laser pointers. She just doesn't respond. In fact she will shy away from the feather on a string dangled near her. So, HOW CAN WE TEACH HER TO PLAY?

Asked by Pumpkin Seed on Jul 21st 2013 Tagged play, toys, interaction, training in Methods of Training
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Orion Hemingway

She will have to be comfortable in her new environment before that will be able to happen. Try plain catnip on a scratcher and see if she goes for that. My parents cat came from the same situation, is now 11, and has not played since she was a kitten. The best thing that you can do is give her space and attention when she wants it. Try catnip greenies treats, there are 7 flavors to get her interested in and they clean teeth too. You have to develop a relationship with her before she will be able to let her guard down... this is a cat's survival instinct. ^_^

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