Our 8 week old kitten uses litter but we want to have it on just one level of the house.

Our 8 week kitten has been with us for almost 2 weeks. She grew up on a farm and used lambs wool bed as her bed and litter box. So at first she was using pet beds as the litter box. We took those away and have litter boxes on both levels of the house. Our other cats are older and use the litter downstairs without an issue. We would like to have it back to just having them on one level of the house. When can we take the upstairs box away? She used it once today which is less than other days, so she is using the downstairs box more and more. We also have added the beds back without an issue. Or should we slowly move the box closer and closer downstairs, rather than take it away cold turkey?

Asked by Member 819736 on May 8th 2013 in Litter Box Training
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I would not be in any big rush to not have one nearby wherever your kitten is going to be. Also, she is just a baby, and I would not want to make any changes to the location of the litter box she is used to being there, even though she is mostly using the one you want her to. I have just such a "back up" litter box in our den, since the cats spend time in there, and they don't use it as often as the others, but my feeling is, I'd rather have an extra one than risk an accident. It is more of a pain to have to clean one more, but this one is covered, I use feline pine in it, scoop the poop out daily and only change it out weekly. If you are going to move it, I would move it now and not too far away, that way kitten gets used to where it is.

Beep answered on May 8th.

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