Our 2 yr old Abby is starting to pee and poop by the garden door. She wants to go out but not safe in city. help!

Asked by Member 1135142 on Oct 10th 2012 Tagged goingoutsidelitterbox in Behavior & Training
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If you are sure that her elimination issue is just because she wants out and not a medical issue, then you need to make her indoor environment so great she doesn’t want to leave. Does she have access to windows? A scratching post? Toys? Her own space – like a pet bed? Cats that are highly motivated to go outside may end up finding a way – but I agree that domesticated cats belong indoors. Has she been spayed? I would start by modifying her space and see if it becomes more enticing – and maybe instill some regular play time – wear her out! Discourage her when she gets near the door with a loud NO! Hopefully she will learn that she has pawparents that care about her wellbeing and becomes content with being at home. Good luck.

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