One week old kitten; think there may be more, but MommyCat had just moved this one, which we rescued.

Has been over 16 yrs, since I raised a baby this small . She suckles the soft skin on the inside of my thumb/forefinger, so I just dab a little Kitten milk there, as I do not yet have a bottle to feed her with. Am going back to sisters house to see if any more kittens have been brought there, by Mother cat. "OONA" is eliminating well, also.
My youngest cat, aged 4 is totally outraged that I would bring another kitten into the house (I had to babysit my sister's 3 month old, yesterday, and this was confusing enough, but he is having hissy-fits, every time he even sees it! (I have it in a cat carrier, for now.)
Any helpful sug

Asked by Patches on Oct 22nd 2009 Tagged newbornkittens in Fostering a Pet
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Putting her back with her Mama is the best thing you can do if you can find her. Of course if Mama is feral, she may move them someplace you will never find them and then the kittens will end up feral (or worse) also. This is the dilemma that people in animal rescue like me deal with all the time. The ideal solution is to catch Mama and all babies and keep Mama until the babies are weaned. Unless you are experience with feral cats(assuming she is), this is a big undertaking. Mama should then be spayed and put back out where someone will feed and take care of her.

If you are keeping the baby now, you need to get kitten milk (like KMR), and she needs to be fed every 2-4 hrs. You need to help her eliminate by rubbing her bottom til she goes.
She needs to be kept warm - a heating pad on low works good. I would get her checked by a vet and follow his instructions for worming, shots, spaying, etc.

There are also many websites to google that have instructions on orphan kittens.

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