ok we are having a little trouble with litter box training with these 6 kittens can you help?

the kittens think that the bathroom under the tub and behind the toilet they already know how to use the litter box its just they will only go if they are close to the litter box we cant confine the kittens because they are escape artists so what do i do i dont want to move the litter box because they make a mess everywhere and i dont want to step in the litter all over the floor im in a pickle so to speak and i need help

Asked by Dixie on May 16th 2011 in Litter Box Training
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How old are your kittens? I was always under the impression that Momcats teaches the kittens to use the litter box, but was unpleasantly surprised when Leila had her first litter, and I found out that the kittens were using the entire apartment as a toilet. Mine have all been slow learners, and some are slower than others. It seems to take around 2 months before everyone is thoroughly toilet trained. After you feed them, place them in the litter box one by one, and they'll usually catch on, especially when they see the other kittens and Momcat using it. Also, kittens can't hold their water for very long, so should always be near a litter box (as I learned when I let my kittens sleep with me when they were less than two months old, and some wet the bed). I keep my kittens in a special kitten "playpen" with a roof (basically, a large one-level cage), letting them out when I'm home for supervised play periods. In your case, confining them in any room without carpet on the floor will do.

Lola answered on May 17th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

First of all, think about confining these babies and mom in a little-used room, not the bathroom. It should be a room with a door you can close and no holes in the wall they can climb into, including heating vents, etc. When you visit the babies, be extra careful when you open the door. Then, purchase a big, long, low-sided Rubbermaid 'under-bed' box that they can get into and out of easily. Put about two inches of litter in there. Momma can use this box as well as she is instrumental in teachng the babies to potty in the right place. If a separate room is not possible, you can still use the big Rubbermaid box for them in the bathroom. Use a bleach solution (follow the directions on the bottle) to wash the bathroom floor when the kittens are not in there. Actually remove them before you wash the floor. Bleach is poison. Encourage and train them to use the box until they get the idea. Praise works, negative reinforcement doesn't. You may have to put more than one box out.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 5/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer