Odd behavior. Bathroom issue?

My cat loves to be scratched on his butt (well, his back, right by his tail) but over the past day or so, whenever I go to scratch him there, he shrinks away and looks shocked/annoyed. Any ideas? I emptied his litter box and replaced with fresh litter, thinking he needed the bathroom and was being snobby about litter, but fresh litter doesn't seem to fix the issue. As soon as I changed the litter, he did pee, but nothing else so far.

Asked by Member 1182550 on Jul 26th 2013 Tagged scratch, bathroom in Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

He may have crystals. There is a litter additive available that you put on top of the litter and if you see a change in color, then you know that your cat has developed a urinary infection or crystals and needs to see the vet. ^_^ You can also try giving him a treat while you are doing it to determine if his behavior changes when you touch his butt, like a new fusion flavor mix Greenie (purple bag).

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