Not ear mites?

When we first got Gwendolyn from a humane society they said they had treated her for ear mites....two days after bringing her home she had black scab and debris flying out of her ears.
I took her to the vet assuming maybe her ears were just not treated all the way....he cleaned them and treated her URI & UTI (things the humane society said they had treated already) and she seemed fine for a week and then the dark scab like stuff was back...we have basically been going to the vet at least every other week since getting her in November to get her ears cleaned out/to find out what it is... but nothing is helping.
She has been holding her ears low and scratching the crap out of them for a couple days now...there isnt as much surface debris now but I am afraid it is becoming internal...
It looks like mites, but under the scope isnt. Doesnt smell like yeast infection...we have her on a very wholesome holistic diet...I need help and insight. :(

Asked by Gwendolyn on Mar 3rd 2014 Tagged ears, scabs, earmites, itchyears, scratchingears in Other Health & Wellness
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A home remedy you can try is to get some Boric Acid powder and put a pinch of it in each of the cat's ears. Rub the outer edges of the ear together to work the powder down into the ear canal. Repeat weekly. I've used this home remedy to clear up ear mites and other similar ear problems to what you're experiencing.

An ointment you can get from the vet that works well is called Panalog. It's great and works for a variety of problems.

Farrah answered on 3/4/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Panda Bear

Panda is my only cat with naturally waxy ears. He gets build-up, and I clean it (approximately monthly) with NaturVet Ear Wash. He hates when I clean his ears, just like kids hate ear infections, but I think the stuff works pretty well. I use the liquid on a Q-tip or a cotton round. It does not inhibit the waxy deposits from coming back (his ears are partly white so it is more noticeable). You can get it at the pet store and it should make her feel better (after all the mites are gone). Cheers ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 3/4/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer