Davy Jones

Normal Post Vaccine Behavior?

Okat well Mr Davy went in and got his Rabies, Feline Leukemia (First), and Panleu & Resp Virus shots late yesterday.
He was fine in the afternoon somewhat active for a lazy cat. Today has been a dreary day so he has spent most of his time sleeping. I just wanted to get your guys' opinions on whether I should be concerned.
He slept mostof the night and has spent most of today snoozing as well. He has no vomited other than a hairball and no diarhea. He is a little warm but only on his bottom side which is cuddled up against the couch.

He also was treated with Advantage so Im not sure if that would cause anything. I wouldnt say hes lethargic just sleepy from the looks of it. He was tempted by wet food an I believe he did eat and drink during the night as well.


Asked by Davy Jones on Sep 15th 2012 in Vaccinations
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