Noisy cat, help!

I adopted a one year old female cat last week. I stopped free feeding her because the biscuits were making her sick. I now feed her 3 times a day but she keeps meowing alot. Is this normal or could she be hungry? Concerned and suggestion would be appreciated x

Asked by Member 1208911 on Jan 11th 2014 Tagged food, sick, noisy, cat in Food & Nutrition
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Panda Bear

One the side of reputable pet food bags, such as MaxCat or Natural Choice, there are PER DAY feeding guidelines based on your cat's weight. If you do not know how much your cat weighs, weigh yourself without and then with the cat, and then do the subtraction. If your cat is in the ballpark of the amount that she is supposed to be eating, then she was used to free feeding and you need to ignore her... eventually she will stop. You can also add treats into her diet like SmartBites or Greenies, but not when she is meowing, or she will continue making the noises that you wish to quell. ^_^

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