New shelter cat. Shy, wont come out. How do I help him love us? Let him pet us?

Today my husband and I got a new cat. A Himalayan-Persian mix. Lucca (what we named him), before we adopted him was given to a person who neglected him and the original "guardian" had to take him back, because she didn't have a job,income, or time to spend to support him. When we met Lucca he was hiding in his cadge...the "guardian" handed him to me, and he just laid in my lap, and didn't want to move at all. We found that Lucca, had fleas and a bad eye..after buying Lucca, we decided to take him to the vet...the vet said his eye is bad and he has to have surgery on it. Plus we have to give him a pill for the fleas...if he does not eat it...we have to put it down his throat. So if the trip to the vet the same day as moving wasn't bad enough, his eye apt. is on this Thursday. Less than three days of getting him. He has been hiding in the spare bathroom behind the toilet.Could you please give us any make Lucca's transition better? To help him not hide from us?

Asked by Member 1139409 on Nov 6th 2012 Tagged shy, wontletuspet in Adoption & Rescue
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He's in a new home & he might not feel the best either what with his eye problem & fleas. Most cats hide when you first bring them home. Just let him be until you have to take him to the vet & let him adjust. As long as he's eating, drinking & using the bathroom, don't force him out. He needs time to adjust so give him his space.

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I had a kitten that was exactly like this the first 3 days he would only come out to eat and use the litter. Every time he saw us he would run and hide so we just left him alone from time to time i would get him against his will and pet him for a minute and he just tried to run away. After the 3 days he started coming out more and more and now he sleeps on our bed, cries for attention, loooves playing and likes to be pet so I am saying just give him time and he will come out whenever he is ready. Good luck for ur baby cat and his surgery hope he gets well soon!

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