New n fixed cat wont stop meowing when Im sleeping. What do I do?

I jus got my mixed siameese almost 2 weeks ago. Shes mixed w something else but I got her from a rescue so Im not sure what w. Shes fixed so shes not going into heat. My boyfriend dosnt live w me n after only 2 days of being here around her, he decided to play rough w her against my better judgement n my attempt to explain to him that she hasnt been here long enough to b fully comfortable w her new serounding n that she dosnt know him well enough to know hes jus playing. So he starts chasing her up and down the leangth of my house n even lifting furniture to get to her. As I had expected she was terrified n now she wont come out at all while hes here till we go to bed. Then she gets lonely n starts meowing incesantly n dosnt stop even after he gets sick of it n leaves. N I noticed that she also dose this when Im especially buisy after several hours of attempts to get her attention w no success. She pretty much dosnt give me the time of day till I cnt for some reason give her attention.

Asked by Member 1178311 on Jul 3rd 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Angel Carina

Siamese and Siamese mixes are by nature vocal. They are active, talkative, and want attention. When I'm busy I simply talk to my Siamese and Siamese mixes who follow me around as I get my work done. I sometimes think they view themselves as my supervisors!

You know you shouldn't have allowed your bf to play rough with the cat when she's new to you and not adjusted yet. Don't let him do it again. It would be better for him to ignore the cat completely than it would for him to chase her and terrify her.

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