New kitten, old cat and new home?

My family has a 5 year old cat and we are thinking of getting a new baby kitten! My current cat is very territorial/scared, every now and then a neighbor cat goes to our yard and she hisses and hides but i know this is normal cat behavior so I'm not worried. We are moving in couple of months and i was wandering if this is the perfect time to get another cat because she wont be as territorial if it isn't really her territory? Is it better to get a cat or kitten in this situation? How old should the kitten be? Should we get the kitten before, right after or wait awhile before we move? Will it be to much stress on my cat if i move then get a kitten? Sorry for all the questions i just really want them to get along. :) thanks!

Asked by Member 1211048 on May 6th 2014 Tagged newkitten, questions, newhome, madcat, oldercat in Adoption & Rescue
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Panda Bear

Adopting a young neutered male (l 1/2 years or less) is the best way to avoid same gender dominance issues. It is a great time for you to adopt now. If she is not spayed yet, now is a good time for that as well. Buy her a cat condo to claim as territory now since you know her nature. Keep the kitties separated in the new place and then allow only supervised visitation until you are sure that they will not fight. At first she will hiss, but at best she will adopt him like a son, or at least learn to coexist. If she has a hard time after the move, you can try calming spray and pheromone sprays. They will be able to eat the same adult food, such as Natural Choice grain free in salmon or duck. Buy new toys and doorknob scratchers for the new place. If they fight at first, pouring a cup of water over their heads will break it up and is harmless. You will need to add another litter box as well. Congrats on rescuing... all of you are going to be very happy!! ^_^

Panda Bear answered on May 6th.

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