New cat missing in house!!

I adopted a one year+ old male cat yesterday from the SPCA. I have a small pug and a 14 month old son. My son, my fiancee and I all visited the cat at the shelter twice before adopting him. He was very friendly, loved to be cuddled and we were told he was good with dogs and children. She said she had stepped on his tail a couple of times and he would never even move.

So when I brought him home in the kennel he and the dog smelled each other through the cage door and he did not seem scared. I opened the door and he calmly walked down the stairs to the basement. The dog did follow him down there, she is a good dog though.

A long story short, he has not been seen since. He has not touched his litter or food or treats that I put in the basement. I thought i heard a faint meow when I first went down but nothing since. I can hear sounds coming from the basement that sound like he is in/on the furnace ducts. How do I get him to come out? I'm worried about WHERE he is doing his business!!

Asked by Member 1189356 on Sep 10th 2013 Tagged missing, inside, scared, litter, food in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Panda Bear

Call the fire department or a trapper and have them get the cat out. If he is stuck he will not be able to come out on his own and could die down there... that would be a very bad smell. Ideally, the environment was checked and he had nowhere to hide, and when he is retrieved make sure to go through your home and board up anywhere a small aminal could burrow into. Good luck ^_^

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